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Jon is a board game obsessionist residing in the California Bay Area. After playing his first game of Settlers of Catan in early 2008, Jon quickly fell down the rabbit hole of modern board games. Within the year, Jon curated a small but respectable collection of board games, which then got stolen from his car when he was visiting friends in San Diego. Too enamored to get discouraged, Jon started his collection again and now has a rotating collection of about 200 games.
In 2014, Jon got bored, a lot. Jon's job in the events industry meant he worked mostly evenings and weekends, leaving him without much to do during the day while his friends were at work. Jon tried various ways to not be bored, from paragliding to throwing a tennis ball at the wall over and over, but none of these activities left him fulfilled. One day, Jon thought to try his hand at making board game reviews. Although he had a lot to learn, Jon soon realized the satisfaction of creating content for the hobby he loves so much. Jon traded his old YouTube name JonGetsBored (he really was that bored) for JonGetsGames, and the rest is history!
When Jon is not playing games or making videos, he can be spotting doing event lighting or spending time with his wife, Jessica, and his wonderful group of friends and family. He enjoys traveling, good beer, and binge-watching shows on tv (and by "shows" we mean competitive Hearthstone).
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