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Hey there, my name is Jonathan and I am a board game lover residing in the California Bay Area. After playing my first game of Settlers of Catan in early 2008, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole of modern board games. In early 2014 I started "JonGetsGames" on a whim due to not having much else to do that day. I had no idea at the time what this fateful decision would ultimately change the course of my professional life.
JonGetsGames became a part-time job at the start of 2017, and as of 2020, it is now my full-time career. I am fortunate to work out of a small studio we built in the spare bedroom of our home, and I work on creating videos, as well as doing board game development, there most days of the week.
I started out making review videos for board games and over time this has changed and expanded into a wide variety of video types. I no longer create review videos, instead the main focus of the channel is the production of tutorial-style plathroughs where I teach the game while it is being played. I try to get viewers into the game as quickly as possible, and make them feel like they are actually playing the game as it's being explained.
I also create a variety of vlog-style videos. I discuss my initial impressions of games I enjoyed in the "Good Games Vlog", usually covering 2-4 games at a time. I also make a "Games Radar Vlog" where I discuss all of the new games and expansions I've learned about that grabbed my attention, usually about 30 items are shown. Near the start of each month, I also create an "Update Vlog" where I discuss any items of note that relate to the channel, a "Shifting Shelf" segment about the games I've gained (and gotten rid of), and a brief overview of my expected video schedule for that month.
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