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Spring Cleaning is a lightweight climbing and shedding card game about decluttering your house (your hand) by using each other's cards. Your hand starts out as a mess that you will reorganize by playing adjacent cards as well as offering them to your neighbors. The player with the least amount of trash once the game is over will win!

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Organize Your House/Hand

Each round you will gain a jumbled hand of 12 cards that you are NOT allowed to sort. Instead, carefully choose cards to play in order to beat the cards played by opponents so that your hand becomes organized through the removal of excess clutter. 

Offer Your Stuff

Whenever you choose not to beat your opponent's played cards, you must draw a new card and then offer a card from your hand. Offered cards are placed faceup in front of you, and each of these cards may be played as if they were anywhere in your hand! That being said, every one of your opponents can see your offered cards, and may freely take these cards for themselves by playing them or drawing them into their hands. Offering gives you a powerful tool to organize your hand, as well as to potentially get rid of a card you don't want if one of your opponents takes it!


Finish Cleaning

The moment anyone has no cards in their hand, or offered in front of them, the round immediately ends. Then, each player counts the number of cards they still have in their hands and offered in front of them. Players gain trash according to the relative amount of cards they have left. Once any player has gained too much trash, the game ends and the player with the least trash is the winner!

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