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I provide several types of board game development. Below you will find a brief overview of these options and you can email me at to discuss these further.
Tabletop Simulator Mod Creation

I can create a polished TTS mod for your game that incorporates automated setup procedures as well as automated actions within the game.

Rulebook Writing

Intended for games that have little to no written documentation. I will write all the necessary text for the rulebook and provide it in a Google document. This does not include layout design.

Rulebook English Conversion

Intended for games that already have a finalized rulebook in a non-English language. I can either write the English text or edit a client-provided English version that hasn’t been checked by a native English speaker. If I will be writing the text, then a meeting will be required so that I can be taught the game correctly. I will provide the English text for every section so that it can be substituted into the original non-English rulebook.

Rulebook Testing

Intended for games late in their development cycle and can apply to projects I know nothing about (blind testing) or projects for which I have completed non-rulebook development work.

Gameplay Development

There are several options in this area including proof of concept testing, iterative testing, and comprehensive gameplay analysis.

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